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Monday, December 18, 2017

...And speaking of pre-Christmas blues, here is something to make this Monday feel a whole lot more, well, happy:)

P.S: Where would you go?
P.P.S: What women do when no one is watching.

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Red Wine Brownies

Okay, last night the panic set in that we are only a few short days away from Christmas. Ah, I still need to buy or/and wrap tons of gifts, finish on my Christmas food shopping and make the flat feel all jolly for the weekend. But instead of doing all that, I blocked it all out, put Spilled Milk podcast on and made a batch of those red wine brownies, above.

Trust me, this might not be the healthiest of ways to deal with the seasonal blues, but believe me, I woke up this morning ready to get things done. Treat yourself, it's Christmas after all:)

P.S: Also, hot chocolate with red wine, this nifty little tip and that.
P.P.S: Plus, the wine debate.

(Photos by Broma Bakery)

Weekend Jollies

Friday, December 15, 2017

Cheers to the weekend! What are you up to? Tonight, I'm going for a one-off French pastry baking class that I got as an early gift from a friend, and I can hardly wait for it! But tomorrow, Balazs and I have a few more gifts to buy, lists to make and things to finish, uff! Wishing everyone a jolly good next two days. I see you back here on Monday morning, but before you go, don't miss out on those lovely links below.

A brilliant read: 'how to be a good mother'.

A winter sunrise in London's Bishops Park.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

SO good!

'Sometimes things don't go, after all...'

Another delicious homemade gift idea.

'I take a deep breath, exhale it out and refocus again on the fact that I’m alive, I’m healthy and I’m loved, then I look around and think about who else I can remind of this fact.'

Are you into beauty podcasts?

Ha! The world’s first biodegradable pregnancy test is great for the planet, but even better for women.

Homemade coffee chocolate face polish, oh yes!

Loved reading this interview with Amanda Jones.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

For dry winter skin.

Downsizing journey...

When December feels weary.

100% birthday-worthy.

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(Photo of snowy Boston by Yanan)

This Week's Gems

Comfy and sassy little floral print dress for those last-minute festive parties!...

Mmm, this blood orange soy candle must smell heavenly...

100% human pin-goodness!...

The snazziest necklace to wear with comfy sweaters and turtlenecks this Holiday season...

Picture this photo print hanging on your wall - beautifully understated yet totally striking!...

Saucy and cute...

This half-round ring will go perfectly with your already-much-loved stacking rings...

I want every single one of those velvet cushions. Which one tickles your fancy?...

Rosy cheeks, a messy top knot and those cluster dangle earrings = Christmas uniform perfection!...

My all time favourite...

Oh-so special!...

Beautiful little clam shell bowl...

Wow, now that is a showstopper!...

Genius grow anywhere herb growbar...


On my Santa wish list:)...

Jolly embroidered leggings...

Dearies, what caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys?

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Urban Jungle

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wow, what a talent! Tatsuto Shibata is a Japanese photographer who has an eye for capturing the true essence of urban culture, and his photos of Tokyo, Hong Kong or Shanghai make me swoon on so many level! Honestly, I want to plaster my walls with them :)

P.S: Remember this?
P.P.S: Or that?

(via ufunk)

Festive (Homemade) Hostess Gift

Speaking of all things delicious, here is a super simple, yet incredibly impressive homemade hostess gift idea that you can pack in a simple weck glass jar, with a sweet note attached.

Yes, those beauties are the most delicious festive pomegranate chocolate squares with notes of  tangy orange, cozy cinnamon, salty peanut butter and refreshing pomegranate. Julia says that every new bite feels like a little explosion of Christmas-y fireworks in your mouth, which I totally agree with. Plus, they are ideal for a cheeky midday coffee break or late night indulgence.

Here is how to make them: melt 100g (a whole bar) of your favorite chocolate and stir in 1 tbsp of slightly salted peanut butter, orange zest from 1 small orange and a generous dash of cinnamon. Fill little chocolate molds with the mix and press down some pomegranate. Keep them in a fridge and snack whenever you want!

P.S: Plus, this...
P.P.S: And that.

(Photo and recipe by Morning Temptations)

Yay! It's Wednesday Cake!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy cake day, how is everyone's week going? If this pre-Christmas craziness is slowly getting to you, tonight after getting home from work, make those deliciously-healthy power bars to restore the balance in your universe...:)

Those goodies are truly the most indulging good-for-you guilt-free treats that you can snack on while on the-go. But don't be fooled, they would also make the most thoughtful and heartfelt homemade Christmas gift bundles to someone who is into all things health...

Convinced? Here is the recipe, get cooking:)

Nutty Quinoa and Chocolate Bars 
(Makes around 16-18 bars. Recipe from Green Kitchen at Home cookbook by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl)

- 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
- 10 fresh soft dates, pitted
- 1 cup / 250 ml / 250 g nut butter (you can make it yourself or just buy a jar in your local store)
- 1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
-  1/2 cup / 80 g raw pumpkin seeds
- 1/4 cup / 40 g almonds, chopped
- 1 cup / 30 g puffed quinoa

Chocolate topping:
- 3,5 oz / 100 g good quality dark chocolate (70%)
- 1/2 cup desiccated coconut (unsweetened)

Melt coconut oil in a medium size sauce pan on low heat. Mash the pitted dates with a fork and add to the sauce pan together with the nut butter and freshly grated ginger. Stir around until it all comes together and cook for just a few minutes on low heat.

Remove from the heat. Add pumpkin seeds, puffed quinoa and chopped almonds.

Line an 8 x 10 inch / 15 x 20 cm baking pan with parchment paper and scoop the batter into it. Use the palm of your hands to press everything together tightly into an even rectangle, roughly 2/3 inch / 2 cm high. Put in the fridge or freezer while melting the chocolate on a double boiler / water bath.

Pour the melted chocolate over the bars and use a spatula to distribute it evenly. Sprinkle with desiccated coconut and put back into the fridge or freezer until cold and firm.

You can store the bars in the freezer and they will last for months - just thaw them slightly before serving. Or you can also store them in the fridge, if you plan on eating them within a few days. Ta-dah!

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(Photos by exPress-o)
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